Ever walked into a store and felt disgusted after looking at dust flowing from windows or bugs scaling the walls? Often overlooked but a vital feature, HYGIENE, is a must for a thriving business. Whether you own a small shop or warehouse premises, cleaning helps to keep your customers happy.  

In fact, with Covid-19 significantly impacting our lives, emphasis on cleaning has increased manifolds. Market studies have highlighted that the cleaning product industry has seen an unprecedented surge for its wares and services over the past two years.  Reports suggest that globally cleaning services is set to show a 6.5% growth between 2020 to 2030, reaching up to $111,498.8 million from $55,715 million. 

However, deploying only manual labour to maintain cleaning in large areas has its limitations. Apart from involving human resource management, the process can be tedious and overwhelming. The use of mechanised cleaning can help optimise the time spent on cleaning tasks and leave you with more free time to focus on other important things. To get a better idea, sample this: A city mall having an area 60,000 sqft is usually cleaned at 6000 sqft per hour per day. However, in mechanised cleaning, the same could be done at 60,000 sqft per person per day showing an increase of 10 times in productivity. 

Mechanised Cleaning, a boon or bane? 

While there are apprehensions about loss of livelihoods and costing for employing mechanised cleaning, here are a few things to consider: 

  • CONTAMINATION:  Mechanised sweeping minimises the risk of contamination. It prevents infection spread through unclean conditions, invisible microorganisms, and hazardous chemicals. These machines allow the staff to stay safe from viruses and clean the area efficiently. 
  • ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY:  These machines are usually battery-operated and provide a more hygienic environment. As they are charged by plugging in, these machines produce zero emissions. 
  • USER FRIENDLY:  Mechanical cleaning machines are low maintenance requiring no rigid cleaning routines leading to less wear and tear of the equipment. When handled carefully, these machines deliver the best performance for extended periods of time. 


Now that you know and understand the importance mechanical cleaning it’s necessary to have a trusted industrial hygiene equipment supplier who can offer you the best services for your needs. Cosmic Healers Private Limited (CHPL) has pioneered in manufacturing industrial cleaning machines. We provide innovative solutions to help your businesses and ensure high hygiene standards to protect staff, visitors, and equipment. 

For the purposes of maintaining cleanliness and hygiene, CHPL manufactures mechanical litter picker by the name of GOBBLER, and electric mopping scooter, MOPPY. Our focus is constantly on producing eco-friendly machines, and we strive to indigenously upgrade our products through technology. These machines are highly efficient, sustainable, cost-effective, user-friendly, and easy to maintain. To know more about Gobbler, Moppy, and other industrial machines, you can visit and leave an inquiry on the CHPL website. 


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