Chariot or Segway? Which is the best Transit Pods in India?


In our efforts to combat climate change and transition to a more sustainable and environment-friendly future electric micro-mobility has become incredibly significant in the way we view transportation. The electric mobility revolution refers to the widespread adoption and transition from traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs) powered by electricity, typically from batteries or other sources of clean energy.

Amidst this change, Personal Transit Pods have become a key player. Also known as Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) systems, these pods are a type of public transportation system designed to provide on-demand, point-to-point transportation for individuals or small groups within a city or urban area. These systems are often automated and use small, lightweight vehicles or pods that can carry passengers or cargo.

Among its several usages PRTs are proven to be highly effective in public spaces and large open areas under controlled environments. Providing quick locomotion and easy usage transit pods have also been beneficial in law enforcement. PRT systems, can improve community engagement help in and prove a perfect alternative for traditional fuel-based vehicles used in patrolling.

Understanding the pressing need for an electric based mobility vehicle for law enforcement, Cosmic Healers Private Limited (CHPL) came up with CHARIOT. A versatile companion for patrolling, CHARIOT is considered as one of the best electric pod as well as the fastest electric scooter that is exclusively designed as per the needs of the India’s patrolling needs among different security agencies.

To explain the versatility of CHARIOT’s let’s compare CHARIOT with world-famous Segway’s i2 SE Community Patroller. While both Chariot and Segway SE Patroller are intended for activities that require visibility and stability Chariot has an edge over Segway SE3 Patroller. Let’s have a look at how it’s different:

What CHARIOT offers?

Made In India: Chariot is indigenously manufactured for easy and quick transition in ever-increasing traffic on Indian roads keeping in sync with ‘Make in India’ initiative of the government of India. Thus, as a locally manufactured product, Chariot is far more cost-effective as compared to Segway’s SE Community Patroller.

Versatility: A unique feature that distinguishes Chariot from Segway SE3 Patroller is that Chariot can be deployed in areas that lack manoeuvrability, for missions that need versatility as well as a quick transit.

Dual Speed Mode: The dual speed mode and emergency brakes in Chariot make it easy and safe to ride the Personal Transit Pod as compared to the Segway SE3 Patroller.

Low Maintenance: Chariot’s low maintenance makes it a more desirable vehicle for patrolling than the Segway SE3 Patroller.

Sturdy Design: Both the Chariot and Segway SE3 Patroller, though have three-wheel stability however, the Chariot has an advantage over its counterpart with sturdy design, space efficiency and giving it an edge to be an effective partner in two ways patrolling.

Public Announcement: Another distinctive feature of the Chariot that distinguishes it from the Segway SE3 Patroller is the public announcement system with a loud siren.

The electric micro-mobility revolution has been underway globally since the early aughts and Cosmic Healer Private Limited has been on forefront since then. It’s important to understand the need of switching from fuel-based vehicles to electric ones. While there are several alternatives available, CHPL offers customized and affordable solutions catering to everyone as per their needs.


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Chariot or Segway? Which is the best Transit Pods in India? 

In our efforts to combat climate change and transition...