The power of internet has helped several businesses move online with a purpose to reach a wider audience. Google, being one of the leading search engines, has become the hunting ground for website users to pull traffic on an extensive scale. This task requires careful planning and knowledge about SEO and its various tools in specific.

What is SEO? It is the process through which traffic for your website is upgraded from search engines like Yahoo and Google, through the incorporation of appropriate algorithm. In simple words, SEO assists your website to acquire higher visibility in search results, which directly ensures greater visitors for the page on the concerned search engine.

If you want your website’s Google ranking to rise radically, then abiding certain SEO tips does prove fruitful. There is no inclusion of any paid scheme or service, but sensible guidelines and online tools that can influence the visibility of your page on the search engine. Let us check out the five primary SEO instructions one can follow to achieve better results.

Schema.Org Markup

The fusion of Schema is what different search engines including Google are aiming to merge into their algorithms. It is a form of data markup structure which when added to your website’s coding helps in improving the SEO process. To be precise, Schema assists in generating rich snippets that aid search engines in indexing your content and permitting your portal to be searched in SERPs. Improvised visibility concerned specific search results is one of the primary advantages of Schema. Furthermore, you will even experience an increase in CTR or click-through rate after the implementation of schema markups.

Local Keyword Research

The placement of keywords prove as another important SEO tip which helps in raising your content ranking on Google. With the use of Google Keyword Planner you can acquire all the necessary knowledge to utilize the keywords in a smart manner. The tool permits you to place your target keywords and further apply some searches on the basis of your information to highlight results both locally and globally.

Interestingly, the user is allowed to choose the type of search that includes exact, broad and phrases. Moreover, you can access the keyword tool column to spot how the opposition is requesting for certain keywords. This option also favors in analyzing the trends associated to estimated cost per clicks. Regional interests and related keywords can be examined and effectively worked upon with local keyword research.

Google My Business Listing

Google has been enjoying the tag of being the prime search engine with its business outsourcing continuing to be immense in the past decade. Keeping along with its stature, Google offers its own local business listings through a unique platform termed as Google My Business. These listings cover business’ name, website, phone number and address. It is vital to know that, the local listings offered by Google are fundamentally merged with local SEO. Therefore, people who still haven’t learnt about its value in their structured SEO strategy, they must not waste time and set up their own Google My Business listing immediately.

How does My Business Listing work? When a user starts his/her quest for localized keywords or terms via Google, they would be provided with applicable local business listings. Remember that these listings will be highly appropriate to the commanded search term. Google showcases its local business listings as local 3-pack. To simplify, the search engine highlights the top three relevant results with reference to the search term and further presents them beside a Google Maps preview; making it quite convenient for the user. Some of the major SEO benefits of My Business Listing are:

  • Permits customers to acquire details which they require on a quick basis. This includes driving directions, contact information and opening hours.
  • Candidates are offered the option to update their details in case the premises is shifted to a new location. The information will be changed on all Google-based channels once the update is done on My Business.
  • Operative as an effective local SEO tool, since business owners are allowed to input huge volumes of key data straightway into Google. Hence, businesses get a better opportunity of being acknowledged and popularly ranked in Google search.
  • This tool is totally free, making it highly beneficial for all types of online businesses.

NAP Consistency

The meaning of NAP Consistency is the company’s name, address, as well as phone number, which are consistently registered all over the web. The purpose of NAP is to build assurance when it comes to search engine businesses so that the search engine comprehends your existence and origin.

One must always remember that search engines are purely detail oriented; therefore, all three information listings should be maintained or else the search engine will regard them as separate businesses. This directly impacts your overall relationship and further tends to lower your ranking. For example, if you have a company for Best Online Assignment Help, make sure the NAP information is same and does not offer any difference.

Local SEO Optimized Landing Pages

The presence of a perfectly optimized page focusing on local SEO needs to be modified so as to function like a lead creation machine. Moreover, these pages must also permit the user to attain their goal, similar to a customary lead-targeting landing page.

You need to create pages which are visible on a higher possibility and allow customers to interact and generate vital leads. Here are some of the crucial aspects based on SEO perspective that should be part of your locally optimized landing page.

Page Headline

The landing page headline needs to highlight your positioning to further involve the user. Usually, the primary headline is supported with a secondary headline that clearly delivers a website’s USP as well as value proposal. In short, the visitor needs to know why they should initiate to do business with your company when countless options are already available.

 Product Characteristics

 Do make sure to list the features of the offered product or service. This helps in enlightening the customer about your service involvements and further cover various possibilities on how a customer can proceed with his/her search.

Product Advantages

 You can call it orthodox but detailing the product/service features with their vibrant benefits does attract the client. Do not forget to explain the type of gain the customer will receive once they wish to make a sale. This is a smart push which drivers the user to get in touch with the providers.

Call(s) To Action

A strong call to action option is needed to allow the visitors interact either via form or phone number. It is advisable to add a visible CTA together with a secondary CTA added at the bottom of the page. This move is to grab those leads that directly travel to the concluding part of the page.


For managing online businesses, there needs to be a proper system centered around SEO tricks that are capable to steer your ranking on Google. The above mentioned techniques are all compelling when practiced correctly. From NAP to landing pages, everything should be analyzed and controlled keeping in mind the latest trends and algorithms. Justly follow them and observe how your website visibility escalates within a shorter duration.


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