PWD engages youth to spread awareness on Climate Change


Delhi, Sep 22: As call for addressing global warming intensifies, Public Work Department (PWD) organized an awareness campaign, ‘PEHAL’, near V3S Mall, Nirman Vihar, which aimed at educating people about environmental impacts of climate change and practices that could help prevent further degradation.

With an objective of engaging youth as flagbearers of change, the initiative-PEHAL- focused on cultivating behavioral transformation in the younger generation and adopting sustainable methods that can help preserve the environment. The event saw dissemination of information through a series of activities such as street plays, games and talent shows. The PWD in association with Lion Services Limited organized the event under Responsible Ownership of Spaces for Enjoyment (ROSE).

“Our aim has always been to develop Delhi into a prospering and engaging community that thrives and grows constantly. However, this should not come at the behest of environmental negligence. In order to make people understand how they can be mindful in their daily activities considering climate change we came up with PEHAL. We are hopeful that such initiatives will bring a change in the people of Delhi and which can set an example for the rest of the world to follow,” said a senior PWD official.

The event saw social media influencers from all walks of life converge in numbers for the initiative. A talent show organized during the event saw skateboarders and cyclists displaying a range of spectacular stunts leaving the audiences spellbound. This was followed by street plays which focused on the three R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) strategy.

Conducted at one the streetscaped stretches of PWD near V3S Mall, the commotion received widespread engagement from the crowd. Pranshul Chaudhary, an IAS aspirant said, “As an outsider I have always been concerned about the degrading air quality and lack of public spaces in Delhi. I realized how even small changes can bring an impact in my surroundings. I learned a lot from this event. It was certainly an eye opener.” It can be mentioned that the recently conducted G-20 summit which saw participation of world leaders from across the world lay significant focus on climate change. The summit which concluded with the unanimously adopted G20 New Delhi declaration saw India’s leadership proposing inclusive climate action through a green development pact and sustainable development goals.


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